Make your business stand out by embroidering your logo on a shirt!

Customers from across the United States have relied on Screen Designs Printing & Embroidery to provide high-quality custom embroidered apparel for over 25 years to help promote and advertise their businesses. Whether you're looking to have a corporate logo embroidered or a simple jacket personalized with your name, embroidery can provide you with a clean and professional look.

We have the ability to provide the full service at our Bethel, CT location, from creating your custom logo to digitizing it for embroidery. Our in-house embroidery service offers state-of-the-art computerized machines that are capable of producing up to fifteen colors per design.

Embroidery machines are computer controlled and specifically engineered to work off of a "embroidery.dst file." After the logo/artwork is created, we then have to create a "embroidery file" of that design (often called digitizing a design).

When digitizing a design stitches are created in the pattern of the design and colors are assigned to it. This digitized file will then tell our embroidery machines where and how to sew your design and what colors to use.

Due to the physical process and sewing limitations of embroidery, careful design consideration must be used during the conversion process from artwork to stitching.

Some potential trouble spots can include:

  • Text smaller than 1/4 inch, thin lines and fine detail, areas that contain gradients or shades, and overall image size.
  • Embroidery pricing is dependent on what is called "stitch count.” The more stitches in the design, the longer it will take to sew. For instance, a 1x1 solid square inch of embroidery equals to approximately 2,000 stitches.

The quality and colorful detail of our sewn products can be a wonderful representation of your business. Knowing exactly how your garment will be portrayed is something that we pride ourselves on and therefore give the unique opportunity for the customer to get a firsthand look at what they will receive. By viewing the products we have produced in the past, we can ensure you that you will be satisfied. For an instant viewing of our embroidery samples, click here.