We've made screen printing on t shirts easy and personalized!

The internet is a great way to design tee shirts online. However, it does not always provide the customer the ability to view what the final product will look like. What sets us apart from our competitors is that you are able to view actual printed samples of our work, whereas most online sites do not offer you that option. For an instant viewing of our screen printed samples,
click here. Not only can you view and create your own customized t shirt on our easy to follow website, but we can also give you the unique opportunity to come in to our storefront and see first hand the quality work that we have produced. We provide the customer the best of both worlds by giving you the option to customize shirts from the comfort of your home as well as give you the opportunity to come visit our business to ensure you receive exactly what you're looking for.

Unlike some of our competitors we are not the middle man. We do not send your work out for someone else to print we are the printer. Our screen printing department is equipped with M&R automatic production presses, capable of printing over 500 multi color shirts per hour.

In addition to our standard screen printing services, we also offer specialty garment embellishment which has become very popular in the retail fashion market. We have tested and perfected high volume and consistent ink applications on both light and dark color garments.

Our specialty garment printing includes high-density, gel, crystalina, reflective, glitter, discharge, and water-based printing

What effects final cost on screen printed shirts?

Custom screen-printed garment prices are based on total quantity, the color and type of garment, how many colors in your design(s) and how many locations you want printed.

Single color printing or multi color printing?

Single color printing is the least expensive option because we only have to set up one screen on our printing press to produce your logo on a shirt.

Multi color printing such as adding a 2nd color, 3rd color, etc.

Although the print is more colorful there is added work/cost on the production side. A multi color art work requires us to separate the design into individual colors and make a screen for each color printed on the garment. Just like any other form of printing, more colors in the design will result in a more involved set up and a higher cost per shirt.

Single or multiple print location ex: full front, left crest, full back, or sleeves.

The least expensive route is a single print location. Adding a 2nd or 3rd location will increase the price due to the additional press set up and printing time.